Composite sheet piling

The SuperLock composite sheet piles are a breakthrough innovation in the civil engineering industry.   Made of vinyl polyester or ester reinforced with fiber glass (FRP), the SuperLock composite sheet piling offers all the advantages of vinyl sheet piling, combined with reinforced strength and durability. This technology has been used by Boeing for its new 787 model, 80% of which was designed using composite materials.

Technology and parameters

The SuperLock composite sheet piles are manufactured in the poltrusion process from vinyl polyester or ester reinforced with glass fibers (FRP). During the production process, the glass fibers, placed on special racks, are fed in bundles into the tub, where they are permeated with resin. Then the bundle is put through a forming screen which gives an outline of the shape of the profile. The pre-formed resin-saturated fiber bundle arrives at a head made ​​of forged chromium steel which finally shapes the material. The final stage of the manufacturing process consists in chemical and thermal polymerization.

Composition of a composite sheet pile

Parameter Unit PCV Superlock Difference
Weight of sqm kg/m2 30 27 the same
Section modulus cm3/m 1462 1381 the same
Moment of inertia cm4/m 18739 17374 the same
Tensile strenght MPa 44 350 x8
Young’ modulus GPa 2,6 14 x5
Ultimate bending moment kNm/m 64 450 x7
Allowable stiffness kNm2/m 244 1206 x5