Small retention sluice

We are the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced civil engineering solutions broadly used in infrastructure and water management projects. Our offer includes innovative vinyl sluice gates to increase the water retention capabilities of forest ecosystems and  mitigate risk of draughts and floods. Our products are a durable and user-friendly alternative to the traditional wooden solutions.


The vinyl small retention sluice gates offered by the Pietrucha Group are an advanced, durable and easy to maintain alternative to the traditional, wooden solutions.

The small retention sluice gate system is made of tubular profiles in the shape of a honeycomb – Dhex. This profile design guarantees high strength and at the same time lightweight transport and easy assembly in hard access spots.

The profiles are connected with locks equipped with valves which guarantee 100% water -tightness of the construction. The walls smooth surface of the walls may be extruded in the form of a tree ring pattern to perfectly melt with the surrounding environment.


When the water level rises, the PVC tubular profiles assembled diagonally fill in with water. The weight of the water inside the profiles makes the locks fit tightly to create water-resistant sluice. The water retaining system based on Dhex profiles is part of vinyl mobile flood protection systems.