Polder Gardna: Europe's largest investment using vinyl sheet piles

The Project:

  • Construction of the anti-filtration barrier
  • Protection against water corrosion of the embankment of polder Gardna
  • Extension of the filtration route of groundwater
  • Increase of the stability of the embankment structure


The Challenge:

  • Weak subsoil of the embankment, mostly consisting of peat and high probability of uncontrolled earth settlement of the embankment structure.


The Solution: 

  • To apply the EcoLock GW 270/5.5 profiles made of hard PVC to be used as an anti-filtration barrier to prevent leakage and undercutting of the embankment by groundwater and, thanks to a proper length (2.0 - 9.0 m), to reach the top layer of fine sands, forming a support to the soil embankment body, improving its stability.
  • In the construction of the embankment body a mix of peat and sand was used, in such a way as to achieve an elevation of the crown of embankments equal to 0.5 m above the water level.



  • The installation of  EcoLock vinyl sheet piling will prevent the erosion by groundwater and protect the area of 918 hectares against flooding. 
  • The number of GW-270 / 5.5 sheet piles used in the project, amounting to as much as 72000 m2, may be compared to the area of 11 football fields.

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