PVC piling will help the nature - bird island on the Goczałkowice Lake

Construction of a "bird island" on the Goczałkowice Lake has just started. The 450 square metre artificial island will provide nesting ground to river tern. The investment is part of the LifeVistulaPL project and is financed by EU and the National Environment and Water Industry Fund.

The Goczałkowice Lake is the largest water reservoir in Southern Poland. The dam and the lake was completed in 1995. It may hold considerable amount of excess water from the Vistula River, gathering the waters of smaller rivers and streams of the Silesian Beskid mountain range.

The reservoir protects a large area against flooding and provides drinking water to the people living in the Silesia region. It also plays a very important environmental role - it it the home to many valuable species of river birds, including the river tern. Soon the birds will have even better nesting conditions on the lake. Especially for the birds, next to the Vistula River estuary, a 450 sq.m. artificial island is constructed.

The work is carried out by Soley and commissioned by the Regional Office of the Environmental Protection Agency in Katowice.

The construction of the island will end in November and in this project the vinyl sheet piling manufactured by Pietrucha was used.

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