Two small retention sluicess installed at a single land improvement site within the river estuary

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Location: Central Poland
Product: Small Retention Sluices

We designed and delivered our unique small retention solution whic was istalled at a site in the Pilica River estuary. Two small retention sluices will cooperate to enhance the water retention capability of a land remediation area. The project was commissioned by the Technology Institute in Falenty as part of the INOMEL project, financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.


November/December 2019


Grabów nad Pilicą, powiat kozienickim, woj. mazowieckie


  • D-Hex Profiles with gaskets
  • CAP 7m reinforced with a wooden log
  • Vinyl sheet piling GW 300/5,5
  • Geogrid 25x35cm
  • Vinyl sheet piling GW 580


To enhance the retention capability of the ecosystem by increasing the water level up to 1 metre.


Installation of two different small retention sluiced that would cooperate with each other.

I Sluice with straight beams used in the closure

II Sluice with U-shaped beams used in the closure

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