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  • The first vinyl small retention sluice gate installed outside Poland

The first vinyl small retention sluice gate installed outside Poland

The first vinyl small retention sluice gate installed outside Poland

An impressive in size, double vinyl small retention sluice gate manufactured and delivered by the Pietrucha Group has just been installed as part of the water level regulation system of a large lake in Southern Sweden to protect its ecosystem against draughts.

Vinyl small retention sluice gates i.e. specialized dams assembled of components, which help regulate the water level, are an original and patented solution developed by the engineers of the Pietrucha Group in 2017.

The small retention sluice gate system is made of watertight tubular Dhex profiles in the shape of a honeycomb. When the water level rises, the PVC tubular profiles assembled diagonally fill in with water. The weight of the water inside the profiles makes the locks fit tightly to create water-resistant sluice. The water retaining system based on Dhex profiles is part of vinyl mobile flood protection systems.

The first Polish small retention sluice installed outside Poland
The vinyl small retention sluice gates offered by the Pietrucha Group are an advanced, durable and easy to maintain alternative to the traditional, wooden solutions. Thanks to the use of this closed-cycle recycling method, vinyl sheet piles are an environmentally friendly solution.

One of such sluice gate manufactured and delivered by the Pietrucha Group, has just been installed in the South of Sweden, as part of water level regulation system of a large lake. It is the first vinyl sluice gate installed outside Poland.

Thanks to the use of advanced polymer material, resistant to the impact of atmospheric conditions, the sluice gate does not require maintenance and impregnation its elements.

Vinyl sluice gate for special purposes
The PVC suice gate installed in Sweden will serve as part of system regulating the water level of a large lake to protect its ecosystem against draughts. The main task of the sluice gate will be to help raise the lake waters in March and keep it at the raised level until end July.

Impressive size and special design to meet the demands of the project
The vinyl sluice gate installed in Sweden is impressively large, nearly doubling the size of similar solutions that had been installed until now. The length of the top cap of the gate equals nearly 10 metres.

The gate is also unique in shape and was designed to meet the hydro- and geotechnical demands of the project. In order to optimally perform its retentive function, the sluice gate in Sweden has been specially designed to have two water passes of the total length of 1.5 metre.

The Pietrucha Quality: 25 years’ experience, high precision and systematized manufacturing processes.
The small retention sluice gates are made from tough polyvinyl chloride, modified with refining agents (e.g. toughness modifiers, UV and thermal stabilizers and mineral filling components). Application of the ISO 9001:2015 standard has enabled us to provide and maintain high quality products, while introduction of specially designed procedures has systematized our operations in the company, which are now an integral part of it.

The Pietrucha Group
The Pietrucha Group is the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced PVC solutions broadly used in the civil engineering sector in land and water infrastructure investments. Our products are an environmentally friendly, light-weight and costs efficient alternative to the traditional materials such as steel, wood or concrete. PVC solutions are used in construction projects more and more broadly because of their excellent parameters and the possibility of lowering investment costs. The product portfolio includes PVC and hybrid sheet piling and complete water regulation solutions based on these products: small retention sluice gates and open-top road culverts. The offer is complemented with geogrids as well as mobile flood protection and prevention solutions.

The Group operates three plants in Poland and the Philippines and delivers its products to nearly 3500 customers in 34 countries on 5 continents.


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