Hybrid sheet piling

The SuperLock hybrid sheet piling is a breakthrough innovation in the civil engineering industry. Made of PVC and reinforced with fiber-glass, SuperLock regains all the advantages of vinyl sheet piling combined with reinforced strength and stiffness allowing for a broader scope of application which had traditionally been reserved to steel piling.


Durable and strong

  • More durable in comparison to vinyl sheet piling, used for higher walls, may be applied in even more adverse conditions.

  • Resistant to the toughest atmospheric and biological conditions, composite sheet piling is resistant to corrosion and erosion.

  • Flexible and tremor resistant, resistant to UV radiation.





Saving of costs and time:

  • Using hybrid sheet piling in construction of embankments and anti-erosion projects helps reduce the investment costs in comparison with projects using steel or wood alternatives.

  • Each sheet profile has the same dimensions.

  • Simple and fast installation using standard equipment.

Durability parameters tested at Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry Ltd., a specialized research centre focused on advanced composite materials used in the aviation industry.

Technical properties:

Strength compared to price: