The Pietrucha Group is the manufacturer of the PolGrid geogrids, specialized geosynthetics widely used in the civil engineering projects to stabilize and reinforce land or to separate the substrate layers with varying graining. The solid, integral structure of PolGrid products and four-sided openings function considerably better with  aggregate than flat profile grids or geogrids with rounded openings. Geogrids are used  in transport construction projects and other geothechnical works. PolGrid products are quick and easy to install and allow for the reduction of the use of materials, thus saving investment costs and saving time.


Immediate stabilization and separation

  • The semi-stiff composite aggregate scheme allows for the reinforcement of aggregate, even on extremely low load-bearing surfaces.

  • Increased load-bearing capacity owing to the rigid construction based on non-movable nods, which immediately responds to pressure, preventing aggregate shifts.

  • Increased reinforcement of road structure preventing horizontal displacement and penetration (propagation) of aggregate grains into the weak substrate and the loss of stability of the foundation layer.

  • Geogrid with stiff nodes placed between the road foundations and the subsoil prevents the mixing of materials with different grain size and load-bearing capacity.

Easy and fast installation

  • The specially adjusted width of the PolGrid sheets means geogrid rolls can be handled by two persons.

  • The simplified installation consists in spreading the rolls of the geogrid on the prepared soil substrate.

  • Geogrid with stiff integrated nodes do not require pre-tensioning or anchoring, and they work immediately once they are spread on or below the aggregate layers.

  • High endurance of the geogrids guarantees resistance to installation damage.

Saving of costs and time

  • Effective blocking of the aggregate efficiently reinforces the load-bearing capacity of the structure. By decreasing the soil replacement, geogrids allow for savings on the aggregate of up to 40.

  • This method extends the durability of the structure and does not require any advanced preparatory earthwork, which reduces the construction time span.

  • Thanks to a better load and pressure distribution in the road foundation, geogrids considerably reduce the amount of wheel ruts, even in extremely unfavorable soil conditions.