The Pietrucha Group is the manufacturer of the PolGrid geogrids, specialized geosynthetics widely used in the civil engineering projects to stabilize and reinforce land or to separate the substrate layers with varying graining. The solid, integral structure of PolGrid products and four-sided openings function considerably better with  aggregate than flat profile grids or geogrids with rounded openings. Geogrids are used  in transport construction projects and other geothechnical works. PolGrid products are quick and easy to install and allow for the reduction of the use of materials, thus saving investment costs and saving time.

Application examples:

Tar roads

Reinforcement of aggregate substrate layers, reinforcement of embankments and dykes, geosynthetic layers at the base of embankments.


Reinforcement of substructures of the railway tracks, strengthening of railway embankments.

Forrest roads and technological roads

Construction of dirt roads with extended durability and resistant to the creation of wheel-ruts.

Temporary roads and working platforms

Quick construction of temporary roads made of unbound aggregate, i.e. technological roads, access roads to windfarms, working platforms.

Airports and landing pads

Geogrids are used as reinforcement of runways, airstrips and technical roads.

Warehouses, carparks

Reinforcement of subsoil requiring higher load-bearing capacity, i.e. under manoeuvring squares, warehouse storage yards, parking lots.