Vinyl sheet piling

The Pietrucha Group is the global leader in manufacturing and distribution of high quality EcoLock vinyl sheet piling, broadly used in the civil engineering sector. Vinyl sheet piles are an environmentally friendly, lightweight and extremely durable and advanced alternative to the traditional materials such as steel, concrete or wood. They are used in construction projects more and more broadly because of their excellent parameters and the possibility of lowering investment costs.



The most commonly used method, in which sheet piles are mechanically embedded into the soil along the pre-installed templates with the use of vibratory hammers, i.e. light equipment with small impact energy. The type of the equipment used depends on the soil type, the depth of the cavity and the durability of the sheet pile. In the case of hard, dense surfaces, or when long elements need to be hammered, steel mandrels are used. Mandrels are special guide bars of a shape and length reflecting the used PVC elements.


Advantages of mandrels:

  • hammering sheet piles in very difficult soil environments (compact silt, clay, gravel)

  • installation of long profiles, even up to 12m

  • removing obstacles found in soil (roots, stones)

  • maintaining straight lines

  • ensuring pre-loosening of soil

  • significant acceleration of installation work


This is used in cases of very compact or cohesive soil where the force of vibration hammers is not sufficient to embed the vinyl sheet piling to the required depth. Jetting consists in exerting pressure directly under the sheet piles which are being installed, which helps loosen and remove the soil or the obstacles. Special water or air ejectors are used in this technology.


This method is used when the constructed walls are not embedded too deeply into the ground and it consists in the PVC piling being installed in a ditch which is subsequently filled in with a bedding layer selected individually to best meet the requirements of a given project.