Vinyl sheet piling

The Pietrucha Group is the global leader in manufacturing and distribution of high quality EcoLock vinyl sheet piling, broadly used in the civil engineering sector. Vinyl sheet piles are an environmentally friendly, lightweight and extremely durable and advanced alternative to the traditional materials such as steel, concrete or wood. They are used in construction projects more and more broadly because of their excellent parameters and the possibility of lowering investment costs.


Taking into account their complete resistance to biological and atmospheric factors, as well as mechanical damage, PVC sheet piling may be used in a wide range of civil engineering projects. The EcoLock sheet piling used in place of steel retaining walls reduces the costs of installation and materials. As an alternative to wooden solutions, PVC piling ensures higher durability and resistance to external factors.

Examples of applications:

River bank protection and regulation

PVC piling may be used to protect and regulate rivers, ditches or channels. Thanks to their structure, EcoLock piling systems easily adjust to the natural curvatures of the terrain.


Sheet pilings and cut-off walls with a system of stays

In order to protect the banks of different water reservoirs or rivers they can also be used with a special system of stays and anchors, providing additional protection and increasing the system’s durability.


Use of vinyl piling during the construction of a causeway on a water reservoir means their durability can be increased through effective protection of the whole structure against scouring.

Strengthening of flood walls

PVC solutions are used more and more frequently in the construction of flood walls. They signifcantly strengthen and increase the durability and tightness of the structure, preventing water leaks during floods.

Retaining systems

The EcoLock system may be applied to protect slopes, landslides and various excavation sites. The retaining systems not only secure them, but also allow for easy and aesthetic shaping of given terrain.

Protection of banks with variable water levels

A high level of tightness, combined with aesthetic parameters, allow for the use of the EcoLock piling to protect the banks with variable water levels. The system always blends in perfectly with the surrounding area.

Cut-off walls

Used to protect places with variable or raised groundwater level, PVC sheet piling efficiently reduces water infiltration as well as secures the terrain against gradual erosion and degradation.

Cut-off walls in ecologically threatened areas

EcoLock retaining systems may be used to separate water reservoirs or groundwater from environmentally challenged places (for instance, in the vicinity of landfills and factories).