PVC Fences

The Pietrucha Group is the manufacturer of a wide range of vinyl fencing, an advanced, durable and aesthetic solution for agritourism, farms, stables etc. The PVC fencing may also be used at golf clubs and various sports ranges.


Vinyl farm fences are highly resistant to the harmful effects of biological and atmospheric factors, as well as to mechanical damage. The solution can be successfully used in various climatic conditions.

Thanks to their exceptional quality, its structure perfectly imitating natural wood and durability ensuring an aesthetic appearance for a long time, vinyl farm fences are widely used not only for fencing agricultural areas and pastures, but also as horse fences.

Vinyl fencing is more frequently chosen by owners of farms and stables, as well as in agrotourist facilities.

To our customers, we offer a wide selection of high-quality vinyl farm fences and gates with complete range of installation accessories.