Open Top Culverts

Our water management solutions are an environmentally friendly, advanced and costs-efficient alternative to the traditional materials, such as wood, stone or concrete. The vinyl products are becoming more and more broadly used in the construction projects because of their durability, excellent technical parameters and the possiblility to lower the costs of investment.The vinyl open-road culverts are a durable and maintenance-free alternative to the traditional road drainage solutions.


Open top vinyl road culverts: durable, maintenance free and easy to assemble.

  1. Do not require maintenance, impregnation and cleaning.

  2. Durable and resistant to mechanical pressure.

  3. Resistant to biological and atmospheric factors.

  4. Assembly does not require large interference into the load-bearing road structure.

A durable, economical and maintenance free alternative to the traditional solutions enabling water runoff from road surface.

  • Unique solution developed by Polish engineers
  • Quality supported with 25 years’ experience
  • Made in Poland

The GlideWax® hydrophobic shield

The vinyl open-top culverts are covered with GlideWax® shield using specially selected metal oxide nanoparticles, to enhance the hydrophobic properties of the profile surface. Thanks to the GlideWax® shield the open-top culverts clean themselves of sand, small stones and other material carried by the rainwater or vehicles wheels.

Review of other available solutions

Czyszczone miesiąc wcześniej wodospusty drewniane


The most popular type of open-top culverts. The average lifetime of wooden culverts is three years and in case of mountain roads bearing load of 40-50 tons, two years.

Destroyed three year old wooden open-top road culvert


They exclude the traffic load of over 3.5T.


Because of the cost and complexity of installation, stone open-top culverts may not be universally used.