System Elements

FloodWarden – vinyl flood protection barriers

The mobile flood-protection barriers FloodWarden allow for fast and efficient prevention against flood damage, protecting houses, retail buildings and industrial sites. The system allows for the top-quality flood protection at a considerably lower price in comparison to similar mobile flood-protection systems. It is a cutting-edge alternative to other makeshift solutions.

System Elements:

Long-lasting quality

FloodWarden units are made of a PVC and fiberglass composite, sealed together to reinforce the profiles. Thanks to this technology, the material may be compared with light steel products, but with the weight, price and resistance to atmospheric conditions attributable to PVC – i.e. material used to manufacture window frames.


1. Posts
The posts are made of PVC and their fixing method is individually adjusted to meet the requirements of a given project.


2. Barrier beams
The type and length of the beams depends on the project and the pressure the system is intended to bear. Save from the ground beam equipped with ground seal, the beams are identical, which facilitates the assembly, since there is no need to fix them in any predefined order.

3. Seals
In all types of beams and posts disposable seals made of EPDM are used.

4. Compression key
Compression keys are used to tightly press the beams to one another and seal the system together upon assembly.

5. The ground seal
Is fixed to the ground beam to prevent bottom leakage.

It is also possible to individually adjust the size of the barrier to meet the requirements of a given project.