Small retention sluice

We are the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced civil engineering solutions broadly used in infrastructure and water management projects. Our offer includes innovative vinyl sluice gates to increase the water retention capabilities of forest ecosystems and  mitigate risk of draughts and floods. Our products are a durable and user-friendly alternative to the traditional wooden solutions.


Easy to handle and maintain

  • User-friendly solution with light-weight mobile system elements.
  • Fast assembly using light equipment.
  • Do not require impregnation and maintenance works.
  • Natural look in harmony with the surroundings.

Durable and resistant to external factors

  • The vinyl sluice gates do not require maintenance as they retain parameters perfectly.
  • Highly resistant to the impact of atmospheric and biological factors.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage, including scratches, cracks and abrasions.

The small retention sluice gates constructed under the programme “Improvement of water retention capacities and drought and flood management in lowland forest ecosystems”, financed by the Cohesion Fund must last for 5 years from the conclusion of the project.

Coordination Centre for Environmental projects 2007: The concept for the project: “Improvement of water retention capacities and draught and flood maintenance in lowland forest ecosystems”. Warsaw, typescript.