WaterGate barriers

The Pietrucha Group offers a wide rang of proven and reliable flood protection solutions, both stationary and fully mobile. Our products may be applied to protect large-scale industrial or commerial sites as well as smaller private real-estate. Our mobile flood protection system IBS is well complemented with WaterGate, special tight flood-protection barriers that are fixed in doorframes to protect against flash-floods. WaterGate is an excellent alternative to such make-shift solutions as sandbags or wooden barriers.


Reliable and lightweight solution

A single barrier provides protection alternative to 50 sandbags, while its weight does not exceed the weight of a single sandbag. The WaterGate barriers are fully reusable.

Money saving through prevention

Standard insurance policies very often do not cover the risk of instant flooding. The costs of repairing the flood damage may be very high. The WaterGate barriers are an economic, simple and efficient floodwater protection dedicated to owners of residential, retail or office buildings.

Universal solution

The WaterGate barriers may be applied in case of the majority of doorways ranging from 95 to 115 cm.

Due to its unique expandable design, WaterGate does not normally need any permanent fittings to the property and does not require pre-drilling of the door frame, making it ideal for use on old and listed buildings.

Simple and quick assembly

The WaterGate barriers are composed of steel frame covered with tight neoprene cover. During the assembly, specially developed mechanism attached to the rear of the frame allows both the frame and cover to expand telescopically widthways into the walled area.

Four bolts situated along the bottom edge of the frame are then adjusted to provide a seal along the ground.