WaterGate barriers

The Pietrucha Group offers a wide rang of proven and reliable flood protection solutions, both stationary and fully mobile. Our products may be applied to protect large-scale industrial or commerial sites as well as smaller private real-estate. Our mobile flood protection system IBS is well complemented with WaterGate, special tight flood-protection barriers that are fixed in doorframes to protect against flash-floods. WaterGate is an excellent alternative to such make-shift solutions as sandbags or wooden barriers.


Instant flood protection of residential and commercial property

Research shows that as a result of climate change, the amount of rain falling annually will be rising, while the length of the dry periods will remain the same. This means that more rain will fall over a given period of time. As a result, there will be more rapid rainfalls traditionally occurring in the spring and summer.

Mobile flood barriers WaterGate, fixed immediately in the doorways help quickly and efficiently protect the property against floodwater. WagerGate may be used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Continuity of your business

Effective flood prevention offered by WaterGate helps maintain the businesses operational, even during natural disasters. Entrepreneurs avoid situation where they have to incur fixed costs of running a business without generating any income.