Frequently asked questions

WaterGate barriers

The Pietrucha Group offers a wide rang of proven and reliable flood protection solutions, both stationary and fully mobile. Our products may be applied to protect large-scale industrial or commerial sites as well as smaller private real-estate. Our mobile flood protection system IBS is well complemented with WaterGate, special tight flood-protection barriers that are fixed in doorframes to protect against flash-floods. WaterGate is an excellent alternative to such make-shift solutions as sandbags or wooden barriers.

WaterGates can be successfully used on most entrances with inward opening doors. As each gate is only 25mm thick.

Yes, this is possible. The WaterGate barriers may be applied in case of the majority of doorways ranging from 95 to 115 cm.

The stringent physical tests ensure the effectiveness of WaterGate which also carries a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

No. Our prices are competitive because there are no permanent fittings to the property and, whilst we are delighted to offer advice, a site survey is unnecessary in the vast majority of instances.

It will depend on the degree of unevenness. The thickness of the neoprene jacket affords some tolerance but, the smoother, the even the surface the better the seal. We recommend installing the barrier during dry conditions and testing the seals using a hosepipe or similar, to determine what, if any, remedial work might be required.