The TerraDeck WPC systems

TerraDeck is a system of terrace planks made of wood flour and PVC. The composite material obtained from the mixture of wood and polymer combines the best parameters of PVC with the aesthetics of wood. The TerraDeck planks look like wood and are durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions such as humidity and UV radiation. The TerraDeck system may perfectly complement the EcoLock vinyl sheet piling system in construction projects of tourist and utility wharves, piers and private yacht marinas.


Durable and resistant to the atmospheric conditions

  • TerraDeck does not rot, bloat or erode.

  • The elements are resistant to delamination, buckling, they keep their originalshape and parametres.

  • UV, heat, frost and humidity  resistant.

  • Maintenance friendly.


User friendly

  • Non-slippery surface, both in wet and dry conditions.

  • Easy to clean using standard methods.

  • Environmentally friendly, partly manufactured from recycled material, 100% recyclable.

  • Processing similar to wood but without splinters.


The highest quality and a wide range of applications

  • TerraDeck is an excellent quality, environmentally friendly wood substitute.

  • Natural look resembling the wood surface and structure.

  • Available in a wide range of colours.

  • Solid and aesthetic finish.