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The TerraDeck WPC systems

TerraDeck is a system of terrace planks made of wood flour and PVC. The composite material obtained from the mixture of wood and polymer combines the best parameters of PVC with the aesthetics of wood. The TerraDeck planks look like wood and are durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions such as humidity and UV radiation. The TerraDeck system may perfectly complement the EcoLock vinyl sheet piling system in construction projects of tourist and utility wharves, piers and private yacht marinas.

Best offer

25 yearsexperience in plastics processing.

Made in Poland: quality supported with 25 years experience of the Pietrucha Group

TerraDeck: better choice than wood!

  • Higher durability and resistance to pressure.

  • Resistance to frost, humidity, fungus, insects and rodents.

  • Safe and inflammable construction material.

  • Does not require painting and complicated maintenance.

The Pietrucha Group has successfully completed the quality assessment procedure and was found to be in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2015 in terms of manufacturing, design and sales of the geosynthetic and plastic products from our portfolio.

TerraDeck: advantages of PVC based materials over the products containing polypropylene (PP)!

  • Higher resistance to atmospheric conditions.

  • In low temperatures, PP boards vitrify and as a result may become fragile and prone to cracking.

  • Safer to use. Boards containing PP are more slippery.

  • Natural look. TerraDeck looks like wood rather than like paraffin as in the case of PP-based products.