The sloping K-system

IBS – mobile flood protection systems

In Poland, the Pietrucha Group is the sole distributor of the IBS mobile flood protection systems which allow for fast and efficient prevention of damage caused by flooding, protecting housing, retail and industrial real estate. IBS systems are an advanced and effective alternative to temporary solutions such as sandbags or wooden barrages. The quality and efficiency of IBS systems has been proved for many years when battling the forces of nature all over the world. The IBS system may also be used at industrial sites to construct tight barriers or temporary separating walls.

The sloping K-system

A fully mobile flood protection system which does not require any preparatory works at the place of assembly.

The K-system has undergone rigorous testing in conditions of hydraulic pressure and may be used in cases in which the water level rises to 1.3 m. The K-system serves as excellent protection against tidal waves, since the water pressure force improves the stability of the construction.

Thanks to the modular construction, the K-system may easily be extended in any direction as well as adjusted to the terrain. The system compensates for ground irregularities up to 15 mm, curvatures with a radius exceeding 20 m and differences in height of up to 190 mm. Any leakages that may result from these limitations being exceeded may easily be eliminated using sandbags.

Varieties of the K-system

550 mm 3 50×226 IBS-K50-550
900 mm 5 50×226 IBS-K50-900
1300 mm 7 50×226 IBS-K50-1300