The vertical system

Grodzice winylowe

Grupa Pietrucha jest globalnym liderem w produkcji i dystrybucji nowoczesnych grodzic winylowych EcoLock, o szerokim zastosowaniu w sektorze inżynierii lądowej i wodnej. Grodzice winylowe są przyjazną dla środowiska, lekką, nowoczesną i niezwykle wytrzymałą alternatywą dla tradycyjnych materiałów, takich jak stal, drewno czy beton.

Sektor budowlany wykorzystuje grodzice coraz częściej z uwagi na doskonałe parametry oraz możliwość obniżenia kosztów inwestycji, dzięki ich zastosowaniu.

Mobile elements

The system has been successfully tested in many countries around the world including Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Malaysia.

The vertical system consists of fixed and mobile elements. There is no need to assemble the elements of the system in any predefined order, which prevents mistakes being made in emergencies. An additional advantage of the system is a high level of compatibility among the barrier beams which form a homogenous wall and evenly bear pressure. 

Barrier beams

The beams are identical and made of 4-5 mm thick aluminum. There are two types of beams available, light and heavy, and their length varies from 50 to 150 mm. The type  and length of the beams depends on the project and the pressure the system is intended to bear.

Symmetrical beams prevent mistakes being made during assembly, because there is no need to fix them in any predefined order. Each beam may serve as the ground beam.

The vertical system may be assembled in stages, which enables fast assembly of the whole length of the wall at  low water level and allows extra beams to be added as the water level rises.


In all types of beams and posts disposable seals made of EPDM are used.

Ground seals: large–dimension rectangular seal: soft (2) and hard (1) containing a combination of polyurethane and polyethylene (PUR). The seals were specially designed to protect bottom leakage in cases of uneven ground.

Middle posts

Middle posts consist of two connected elements: the base element mounted in the anchoring plates and the guiding element containing seals. The base element is made of upgraded st 37 steel and galvanized. At the bottom the base element has four cases located at screw holes, which means that it can be fixed quickly and easily to the anchoring plate. The guiding element is made of aluminum and its weight matches the weight of the system.

Compression keys

Compression keys are made of steel and are used to tightly press the beams and the ground seal together upon assembly.

Anchoring plates

Anchoring plates are made of steel and are equipped with four self-aligning slots with an internal thread to mount the middle posts. The anchoring plates may be installed in the foundations or fixed to tight walls.


Posts are made of aluminum and are adjusted to the front or corner assembly, the latter used, inter alia, when protecting doors, windows, etc. Each post is equipped with an internal seal.


Plugs protect the screw holes in anchoring plates when there is no flood. By protecting against dirt, the plugs help avoid assembly problems.