IBS – mobile flood protection systems

In Poland, the Pietrucha Group is the sole distributor of the IBS mobile flood protection systems which allow for fast and efficient prevention of damage caused by flooding, protecting housing, retail and industrial real estate. IBS systems are an advanced and effective alternative to temporary solutions such as sandbags or wooden barrages. The quality and efficiency of IBS systems has been proved for many years when battling the forces of nature all over the world. The IBS system may also be used at industrial sites to construct tight barriers or temporary separating walls.


Flood protection of urbanized areas.

Protection of doors, windows and gates at housing and commercial real estate.

Reinforcement of floodwalls and additions to the existing flood protection systems.

Temporary separation of walls at power plants, floodgates, water passes, sewage farms and pumping stations. 

Tight industrial barriers at manufacturing plants.