Geotechnical profiles

Material strength testing

We offer testing services of geosynthetic materials, as well as bending tests and impact tests of geotechnical profiles. All tests are carried out with the use of the most advanced testing equipment which conforms to the world’s most rigorous testing standards.




Bending tests

We offer the service of determining the mechanical properties of profiles, plates or thin-walled structures. Using the UNIVER 200 Servo-Hydraulic Flexural Testing Machine, we perform flexural 4-point and 3-point bending tests, in accordance with the norm or according to the customer's specification.

At our laboratory, we test the following parameters:

  • Modulus of elasticity in bending.
  • Maximum bending moment.
  • Flexural strength.
  • Stiffness

We may also test other parameters, according to customer guidelines.

Charpy's impact tests

At our laboratory, we perform the Charpy impact tests in accordance with PN EN ISO 179 or according to the customer's specification. The results are recorded digitally directly by Charpy's hammer.

All our testing equipment complies with the most stringent standards and has the necessary certificates.